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One Nervous System at a Time

AST Model’s ® Shame Resiliency Programs for professionals, professionals as people & peaceful living.

Professionals as People

Personal AST Model Sessions

Professional excellence goes hand in hand with personal development. The more we liberate ourselves from what holds us back, the more empowered we become to liberate others, especially in the very vulnerable terrain of shame or the intersection of shame and trauma. The kindest thing you can do for those you serve is to experience a series of shame resolving sessions for yourself.

Non-Somatic Professionals

Skill Building for Professionals

As therapists, counselors, coaches, healers, and spiritual mentors when your alliance with your client is floundering your client can feel abandoned or betrayed and you can become demoralized and experience terrible forms of stress and burn out. AST Model has taught hundreds of mental health professionals, social workers, helping and healing professionals around the world how to navigate shame resolution with relaxed presence, compassion and skill. The confidence and ease you gain from your learning brings a flow to the work that is deeply gratifying to you and your clients.

SEP or Somatic Professionals

Specialty Curriculum for SEPs

The Intersection between Shame & Trauma AST Model for SEPs Specialty Curriculum Designed for More Effective Client Outcomes

Like trauma, specific skills are required to make it possible to fully resolve shame and end the redundant neuro-chemical looping of shame cycles. Yet, shame’s resolution has often been misunderstood by most models including somatic-based approaches. This online course will introduce SEPs to why the complex nature of shame sometimes makes its resolution elusive, and how through the AST Model®’s unique neuro-biological approach offers SEPs missing tools that can create sustainable and deeply gratifying shame relief and life-affirming shifts that transform lives.

What is AST Model?

AST Model®’s potential potency lies in its ability to draw from the latest findings in a number of today’s leading fields. The AST Model® combines cutting-edge neuroscience + the latest findings in brain developmentattachment theory + bio-energetics + studies in stress physiology + and the Eastern practice of mindful awareness in one non-medical/non-psychological, organic method designed to transform your whole self to re-embody life!

AST Model® Ends Shame Looping

Based on 14 Paradigm Shifts, AST Model® is the only model of its kind with a highly effective, laser focused neurobiologcal framework filled with shame resolving principles and shame-specific techniques that partner with your client’s nervous system to shift the endless shame looping and its hard-wired responses to greater worth, acceptance, empowerment and belonging.


Watch Caryn use AST Model Embodied Techniques to Resolve Inner Conflict

Benefits for Professionals

AST Model® provides client-based professionals a gentle yet powerful non-psychological way to partner with clients in the face of shame and guide them with confidence and ease to life-changing experiences of greater worth, dignity, compassion, self-respect, acceptance, empowerment and belonging.

It works best when its cutting- edge insights are integrated into already successful mental health, social work, medical, psychological, counselling or coaching backgrounds.

Professionals who integrate AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution® into their work and practice experience

  • Feelings of Empowerment & Vitality
  • More Compassion for Themselves and Their Clients
  • Greater Professional Competence
  • A Tangible Sense of Positive Contribution
  • Less Stress, Frustration, Hopelessness & Burnout
  • Deep Satisfaction and Inspiration in their Life & Work

Meet Inhibition, Shame, Empowerment Expert

Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia, MA, SEP

  • Developer of AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution®; AST Model®
  • Author of Alchemy of Shame Transformation for Therapists & Healing Professionals

Hi, I’m Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia

When I began down this path 30 years ago, I experienced painful inner conflicts. Although I was widely praised, I felt like what I accomplished was never enough. How to get my needs met in relationships was a complete mystery.

I became convinced that superficial “fixes” touted by so many gurus were neither effective nor sustainable. To truly engage the change process, I needed to shift how I related to myself. This involved rewiring my nervous system specific to my unique life experiences and trusting what resonated within my body and spirit, not just my mind.

This journey led me to synthesize key kernels from the fields of yoga, neuroscience, attachment theory, trauma recovery and resiliency. I began to successfully facilitate my process for individuals, groups and professionals all over the world.

Time and again, it brought me to the same conclusion. The linchpin that keeps all core inner suffering from shifting be it man, woman, addict, overachiever, atheist, religious devotee, creative, or intellectual is inhibition. Once the impulse to block ourselves from what we need finds its way inside us it can live and even breed there. It can loop for years or decades unless we know how to help it transform.

I hope what I have shared here peaks your curiosity. That you are truly inspired to find out what AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution can do for you and your expression of professional excellence with the clients you serve. As my FREE Rainstick Technique 5 part online learning awaits you, I wish you the same deep sense of inspiration and inner ease I have come to know inside myself and when I work with people from every corner of the globe each day.


Ongoing Offerings

AST Model®‘s Complete Read & Listen Home Study Package

Tools to Facilitate Powerful Shifts in Underbeing, Inner Conflict & Shame Triggers
Read, Listen, Learn, Integrate and Facilitate Shame Transformation for only $100. Includes AST® ebook, 4 audio webinars, 4 powerful processes, 7 Stepping Stones, and 10 Worth-empowering affirmations!

$210.00 $100.00 Digital Download

“Caryn is a gifted teacher. The AST Model® has contributed to my work becoming more efficient and allowed my clients to more quickly come into relationship with their bodies and as a result they can experience themselves differently. I would highly recommend this training to all SE graduates.”
– Sille E. Børstad, LMT, RCST®, NCBTMB, SEP
AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution® Level 1
Professional Trainings in the gold standard approach to shame resolution and resilience
for SEPS, Psychologists, Social Workers, Licensed Addiction Counselors & Healing Professionals
Learn More

“Over the last few months I have worked with Caryn on shame. Her AST Model method is highly effective, very empowering, and Caryn is a joy to work with. I am a different person. If you are a mental health professional I recommend Caryn’s AST Model of Shame Workshop to learn how to apply this method with your clients. It changes lives.”

Rob Gussenhoven, SEP Former Board Chair
and Interim Executive Director of the SE® Trauma Institute

“I am thrilled the AST Model is going out in wider and wider circles. With this work, a chunky missing piece of body wisdom is snapping into place. I have been using “naval intelligence” regularly with the teens I work with and it is helping them so much! Really, really life changing.”

Linda E. Erman, MPS, LCAT, SEP

“I am grateful. What AST Model offers has been a missing piece for me; it has been so helpful in my life and with my clients. Your passion about removing the despair and confusion surrounding shame, as well as creating tools/methods to bring clarity, awareness and healing is apparent, timely and obviously welcomed by the current healing professionals. So thank you Caryn!”


“The AST Model webinar was brilliant. Highly worth catching the recording!”

Jacalyn Brecher SEP

“Caryn, your online course has touched me deeper than I expected – shame is something different to me. I am tracking ‘a couple of things’ within my own healing/growing journey as a result – thank you!”

Anna, SEP Assistant

“Thank you for a lovely class and many useful information about the shame. A lot of new paths are open.”

E.K., Serbia

“Your teaching today was clear and compassionate, and I learned so much to be able to apply to my area of work. Thank you many times.”

K.M., HI

“This webinar was beyond excellent; it was invaluable! You were able to explain in vivid detail the neurobiology of shame looping, its different manifestations, and effects on clients.”

Mina, PHD, SEP, NY

“Thank you so much for the lesson today! Excellent information and so clearly delivered.”

T. D., Oakland, CA

“I was taking your webinar today on Shame, it was amazing! Reminding me to work on this myself too.”

M.D., Canada

What’s New?

If you are in the New York Area at the end of April you have an opportunity to meet Caryn and hear her speak. Friday, April 26th, 2019, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at The New York Open Center, 22 East 30th St, NYC.

Got questions? Support is only an email away!

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  • Every human being is born to experience what is  life-affirming inside themselves, to know a life of inner acceptance and compassion, free of the debilitating effects of shame and its many harmful manifestations.
  • AST Model’s unique and breakthrough approach helps client-based professionals greatly improves the quality of their clients’ inner lives while deepening their own sense of contribution, satisfaction and professional excellence.


  • We seek to cultivate greater world peace, acceptance, worth, empowerment and belonging by making shame resolution available to those who need it in every corner of the globe.