AST Model®'s Complete Read & Listen Home Study Package

Tools to Facilitate Powerful Shifts in Underbeing, Inner Conflict & Shame Triggers
Read, Listen, Learn, Integrate and Facilitate Shame Transformation for only $100. Includes AST® ebook, 4 audio webinars, 4 powerful processes, 7 Stepping Stones, and 10 Worth-empowering affirmations!

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AST Model® for SEPs: Intersection
Between Shame & Trauma Designed
for More Effective Client Outcomes

AST Model® for SEPs 3 Semester Online Intensive Course taught by AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution® Developer Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia, MA, SEP. Earn 18 Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute Post Advanced Credits.

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“Caryn is a gifted teacher. The AST Model® has contributed to my work becoming more efficient and allowed my clients to more quickly come into relationship with their bodies and as a result they can experience themselves differently. I would highly recommend this training to all SE graduates.” – Sille E. Børstad, LMT, RCST®, NCBTMB, SEP


“I got a lot out of the three-day training and learned much experiencing AST Model® presentation and demo. I found the exercises powerful, transformative and enlightening. Thanks for bringing all of you to the weekend, Caryn. I felt your presence and heart.”
Tom Faupl


AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution® Level 1
Professional Trainings in the gold standard approach to shame resolution and resilience
for SEPS, Psychologists, Social Workers, Licensed Addiction Counselors & Healing Professionals
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Watch AST Model® Developer guide a client’s shift away from negative
shaming experiences to positive embodied experience.


Stress & Trauma Resolution

…because everyday overwhelm, stress, and trauma are common in our ever-changing, fast-paced lives, and without a balanced nervous system, our bodies can easily go off track and stay that way.


…because using our mind to “think” our way back to health can be tricky without including the “logic” of the autonomic nervous system designed to support our bodies and minds to heal.

Somatic Coaching & Trainings

…because any successful trainer, therapist, coach, educator or healer will tell you: If you want to change human behavior for the long haul, you must work from the inside out and from the impulse up. It’s the secret to any transformation!

Natural Intellect of Body

…because humans are as much a part of nature as any tree, flower, or the earth itself, and without addressing our basic nature, the organic intelligence of our bodies, we often inhibit our fullest recovery.

Collective Trauma Healing

…because “finding” our way back to ourselves and our communities can be impossible without the support of a body that feels safe, peaceful and alive.


…because to restore a human to wholeness, spirit, mind, and body, the person needs the grounding of the body for the other parts to find a welcome embrace, a place to come home.

Life Energy

…because change is most sustainable when we harness our life force energy instead of sumoning energy to push through whatever is standing in the way.

Vibrancy & Resilience

…because providing a safe, embodied, and corrective way for clients to explore their core issues, healing builds upon itself and clients have more vibrancy and capacity to cope with life.

Don’t Let Being Stuck Stand in Your Way.

If you experience burnout, helplessness, frustration, confusion or defeat in the face of your client being stuck or ashamed, where do you turn to get the personal and professional help you need when you are supposed to have the answers?

This is a difficult dilemma. It is so NOT your fault and unfortunately is too common


Shame is a hidden, neurological glue that binds & halts the forward progress of individuals and those who try to lift the shame break. Without addressing shame’s neurobiological signaling, you and your clients are trying to push a boulder up a very steep hill.

The truth is: Smart, Competent, Caring, professionals become shame triggered due to a process called second-hand shame.

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AST Model® provides client-based professionals with a gentle yet powerful non-psychological way out of this bind by offering confidence and ease in the face of client shame and its second-hand triggers.

Based on 14 Paradigm Shifts, AST Model® is the only holistic model of its kind with a highly effective, laser focused neurobiologcal framework filled with shame resolving principles and techniques that partner with your client’s nervous system to shift the endless shame looping and its hard-wired responses to greater worth, acceptance, empowerment and belonging.

Integrating AST Model® is how you as a professional can get out of the shame corner and serve those who need you the most with ease, confidence, compassion and a deep satisfaction.

No Problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.”
Albert Einstein

AST Model® works best when its cutting- edge insights are integrated into already successful medical, psychological, counselling or coaching backgrounds.

Professionals who integrate AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution® into their work and practice experience

  • Feelings of Empowerment & Vitality
  • More Compassion for themselves and their clients
  • Greater Professional Competence
  • A Tangible Sense of Positive Contribution
  • Less Burnout
  • Deep Satisfaction and Inspiration in their work & life purpose
Re-emBODY Life
For Individuals & Couples
Somatic Therapy
AST Model® Sessions
Sessions are integrative and somatic-based sessions held in-person, by Skype or over the phone. They are always body and nervous system based. Words are shared to accompany breath, posture, sensations, images, emotions, heart rate, temperature shifts, but are not used to follow a conscious narrative. Typically, the body’s hidden impulses, incomplete responses and unconscious nervous system reactions settle though there is no physical massage or manipulation. Often muscles, tendons, fascia may release, life force energy can return, physical discomfort may subside, nerves can reawaken or calm, and it’s possible for new meanings, stories, attitudes and feelings to emerge. The person or couple has the potential to experience themselves, others, and life in a new and more vibrant way.
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Re-emBODY Transformation
For Therapists & Coaches
Training for Healers
AST Model® Trainings
As therapists, coaches and healers, when your alliance with your clients is floundering they can feel abandoned or betrayed and you can become demoralized and experience burn out. Through online and live education you have the opportunity to learn to harness the powers of the body to provide forward-moving interventions that can bring hope, resilience, and empowerment to the people you serve. You also have the opportunity to gain the tools and confidence you need to feel renewed in your work and your own body. By learning breakthrough principles in neuroscience, neurobiology of shame, and practical techniques in nervous system logic and relational attunement, you have the potential to be more effective in guiding client shifts and feel more ease and satisfaction in what you are offering.
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Re-emBODY Peace
For NGO’s & Governments
Collective healing
Collective Shame Transormation

Just as human beings need a safe, peaceful, calm body to come home to for deep shifts and life changes, so does collective shame transformation depend upon the re-stitching of the very fabric of community life. Because a nervous system-based approach is designed to cut across borders, languages, religions, age, and gender, it can allow brain and hidden body impulses to naturally shift from stuck fight reactions to a wider range of thinking and feeling responses.  We can reduce violence safely and transform communities from the inside out and their people from the bottom up, one nervous system at a time.

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