AST Model’s Neurobiology of Shame Resolution

Learn about the Clinician’s Dilemma that is shared by all professionals when attempting to resolve shame and discover how integrating AST Model®’s Neurobiology of Shame can help you access the root of the shame problem and allow you to help your clients restore healthy and authentic, life-affirming self-expression. Listen to the audio of AST Developer talking about the Clinician’s Dilemma below:

Professionals who attend the 3 Day Live AST Model® Trainings in Austin have experienced:

  • More ease and satisfaction working with clients when shame showed up
    ● Less Personal Triggers personal around their own shame
    ● Greater sense of mastery with the SE tools they had and integrating some new tools and ideas
    ● Inspiration around “I CAN” & doing things a little differently
    ● More confidence around their work that other people notice


Learn more about the Austin Sept 15-17 3 Day live Training: HERE