AST Model Application

Thank you for your interest in ASTModelforSEPs Learning! This is a highly-integrated, specialty curriculum that blends SE™ with AST Model® for greater efficiency and life-changing client outcomes. It uniquely  explores the How Tos of Resolving the Intersection of Shame and Trauma.

Below you will find the application to apply as a participant in ASTModelforSEPs Online Course Fall 2017 Semester, Advanced Level, Module C. There are two options for which you can apply. 1) You can apply to participate in:  5 Live Webinars and AUDIO Recordings of ADVANCED LEVEL, Module C for $399 US, or 2) You can apply to Gain access to all previous 12 AUDIO Webinars from Spring & Summer Modules A & B, video demos, quizzes and bonus reviews + Fall 2017 Semester, Advanced Level, Module C Webinars and Audio Recordings for $799 US. Earn Post Advanced SEP Credits through Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute: All 3 Module of the course earn 18 Post Advanced SEP credits, while Module C taken as stand alone earns 6 Post Advanced SEP credits.

To apply: THIS IS AN ADVANCED LEVEL LIVE ONLINE LEARNING MODULE. You must already be an SEP to apply. SE & AST Model assistants, coordinators and those currently working with syndromes, energy medicine, early trauma, or complex cases are encouraged to apply. Please fill out the application as thoroughly as possible, as partial applications will not be considered. This is a rolling application process open between August 2nd, 2017 and Sept. 15th, 20017. Module C begins on Sept 19th, but those admitted in August or early Sept who are applying to gain access to all previous modules will receive access to prior module recordings immediately upon application approval and participant registration.

Please be aware: Submission of this application does not guarantee registration in the course. SOAR Global Institute retains to right to deny or decline any application for any reason. SOAR GLOBAL INSTITUTE will keep confidential all applicant information, and all applications received will be deleted from SOAR Global Institute’ system after Sept 15, 2017.

SOAR Global Institute’s
Participant Application 2017