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Alchemy of Shame Transformation®

AST Model® for SEPs
3 Semester Online Intensive Course


AST  Model® for SEPs Intersection of Shame and Trauma
3 Semester Online Course


Cutting Edge Shame Resolution Spring, Summer and Fall Semesters

Coming Soon – AST Model for SEP’s 3 Semester Online Course

Learn at Your Own Pace and Schedule with CE’s

Registration opens Fall 2018

Breakthrough tool-packed Educational Webinars, Group Calls with Q & A, Bonus Webinar dedicated to: How to integrate the AST Model® for SEPs into your work, PDFs, MP4 Audio Recordings and much more!


Highly effective tools and education designed to facilitate shame resolution through the cutting edge,
neurobiological-principled AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution®

Discover the eye-opening framework that is giving professionals around the world a brand new education for understanding and working with resolving shame.

Build Shame Resilience, Empower Your Clients, Resolve Inner Conflicts

AST Model® for SEPS 3 Semester Online Intensive Course
In partnership with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Highly-focused learning when the SE and AST Model®’s are combined for greater client outcomes.

AST Book

  • Working effectively with collapsed motor programs
  • Understand how to avoid redundant neural shame looping
  • How to approach shame and trauma when there are coupled neuro-emotional states
  • Creating safety, attunement & introception inside the completion of protective defenses
  • Recognize the difference between defensive orienting vs exploratory orienting
  • Discover developmental shame and early trauma’s link to defenses
  • Apply the neurobiology of shame with clients using impulse over-ride
  • And much, much more!

You will have the opportunity to Learn and Build Skills

  1. Learn the neurobiology of the shame response and how it fits into Polyvagal theory.
  2. Understand the difference between somatic shame and shame as an embodied belief.
  3. Learn what makes shame toxic, chronic, and a life-long identity.
  4. Distinguish the unique quality of the shame state and how to asses where a client is in it.
  5. Discover ways to move clients along the shame continuum toward greater worth, belonging, connection and empowerment.
  6. Discover how attachment can be used as a key to shifting early shame.
  7. Discover how a somatic approach can allow the resolution of shame to move beyond the body, into the heart, mind and spirit for deeper connection with others and a renewed sense of belonging.
  8. Recognize how damaging projected shame and blame can be to your therapeutic relationship and useful methods to prevent this.

AST Model® for SEPs Online Intensive Course will include the following topics and SE learning intersections

  • Orienting
  • Titration
  • Pendulation
  • Uncoupling
  • Dissociation
  • Associative Memory
  • Syndromes
  • Energy Wells
  • Early Trauma
  • Complex Traumas



Intersection of Shame & Trauma Combining SE & AST Model®
Basics: MODULE A

every Tuesday for 5 Weeks, 6 Post Advanced SEP Credits

AST Discount Course

Topics & Learning Intersections:
Neurobiology of Shame, Orienting, Titration, Pendulation, Containment

Post Course:
Bonus Group Call


Intersection of Shame & Trauma Combining SE & AST Model®
Intermediate: MODULE B

6 Post Advanced SEP Credits

AST Course

Topics & Learning Intersections:
Uncoupling, Dissociation, Associative Memory Chains, New Neural Networks

Post Course:
Bonus Group Call


Intersection of Shame & Trauma Combining SE & AST Model®
Advanced: MODULE C

 6 Post Advanced SEP Credits

AST Deluxe Course

Topics & Learning Intersections:
Syndromes, Energy Wells, Attachment, Early Trauma, Complex Traumas

Post Course:

Certificates of Completion go out & Final Bonus Client Review Call


Coming Soon – AST Model for SEP’s 3 Semester Online Course

Learn at Your Own Pace and Schedule with CE’s

Registration opens Fall 2018

AST Model® for SEPs 3 Semester Online Intensive Course

I developed the AST Model® as a non-medical/non-psychological approach that can be immediately useful to working professionals. I have brought together the concepts of SE and AST Model® to harness our human UNshaming resiliency and capacity and create more effective client outcomes for SE professionals and the clients they serve. This 3 semester online course responds to the need for skill-building that has been expressed to me by SE professionals all over the world after participating in webinars, live training’s, intros and a mini 5 week course on the intersection of shame and trauma.

How the course works

This course will be a great addition to your life and work while you earn 18 Post Advanced Credits. There will be opportunity for feeding your mind with paradigm shifting concepts that can lead to new personal discoveries and transformation, learning new approaches to help clients through webinars, Q&A’s, demo clips, case studies and live post-module calls. The class will become a community with opportunities to share your insights, encouragements and challenges about integrating SE and AST Model®.

Why the course can profoundly expand my work

I believe this intersection of shame and trauma is linchpin work for shifting core, early patterns that can transform lives, and this course is groundbreaking in what it can make possible for you on an everyday basis. If you are serious about shifting shame cycles and lifting the shroud of limitation for yourself and others, this is course is a must!

Once you have registered for the online course, you will be able to access two pre-recorded audio webinars: AST Model® 14 Paradigm Shifts: Why AST Model® Moves Core Stuckness Forward and AST Model®: Alchemy of Shame Transformation.

“I spent years in various forms of therapy, coaching programs and personal growth workshops. It was super frustrating, and often left me feeling helpless and bad about myself. Since I began working with Caryn, I’ve created new patterns that not only support me in feeling good, hopeful and powerful, but I am able to take actions that would have been too scary before. This stuff really works!” N.O., MI

Tuition Includes:

  • Cutting Edge Shame Resolution Spring, Summer and Fall
  • MP4 Audio recording available after each class.
  • All tuition includes Pre-Course Access Learning to audio webinars: AST Model® 14 Paradigm Shifts: Why AST Model® Moves Core Stuckness Forward & AST Mode® l: Alchemy of Shame Transformation
  • 15 weeks of breakthrough, paradigm shift learning
  • Post Module Live Group Calls
  • PDF Downloads per Module
  • 18 Post Advanced Credits for SEPs
  • CEs may become available for an extra fee

*Although designed as a 3 semester course, SEPs can take single modules out of order.

“Thank you for a lovely webinar and many useful information about the shame. A lot of new paths are open.” E.K., Serbia

“Thank you Caryn for your excellent webinar. I found it very informative and affirming.” K.O., Canada

“Your teaching is clear and compassionate, and I learned so much to be able to apply to my area of work. Thank you many times.” K.M., HI

“Great presentation on Shame! I really like the depth of your experience working with those who experience shame.” T.J.K.

“I so enjoyed your webinar. Your framework a real benefit to me.” M.T.

When you integrate AST Model® into your approach, it’s possible for
A Better Alliance to Emerge…

This can sound like you…

  • You are no longer confused by client blame
  • Instead of professional burnout you feel empowered and vital
  • You assess shame states and facilitate clients toward worth and belonging
  • You believe deep down in your clients’ ability to shift shame and move out of a downward spiral
  • You feel capable navigating clients through difficult sessions for positive outcomes
  • You feel confident making use of AST Model® and SE combined skills and much, much more….


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