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“I learned a new framework for working that inspired me and worked for my clients the very next day after Level 1!”  Susan

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“As a professional I love the atmosphere of kindness and compassion demonstrated in the work. The value of human connection.”  Monica


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“A real highlight for me at these trainings are the integration of different modalities and experiences.”  Kim


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“I liked the pacing and how much more embodied I felt as I continued to participate over the 3 days.”  Margret


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“The training was very worth attending. It was so great to see how play and joy were just right there once the shame lifted.” Ann


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“Thank you Caryn for your excellent webinar. I found it very informative and affirming.”  K.O., Canada


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“Your teaching is clear and compassionate, and I learned so much to be able to apply to my area of work. Thank you many times.”   K.M., HI


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“Great presentation on Shame! I really like the depth of your experience working with those who experience shame.”  T.J.K.