One of the regular activities of our online community I hope will be to acknowledge and celebrate each other’s unshaming successes. To get the ball rolling, I’ll post mine.

I began reading through my AST ebook to prepare for the Webinar where I will discuss in depth the 10 point Milestones of shame transformation at the heart of the Alchemy of Shame Transformation (AST) model. To my complete horror, there was a typo on the second page of the introduction. Smack there in the beginning of the ebook, just waving at the reader for attention! I immediately had a brain freeze. How could this be? My eyes stared off into space for a second. I saw this huge, gray cloud-storm of shaming coming my way like a tornado. I took a breath, felt my feet on the ground, and located my navel.  Like someone trained in Aikido, I lifted my arms in the air and gently brushed the giant shame cloud out of my way.  There is a remedy here, I realized. I can correct the typo and acknowledge it. Less than a decade ago, that shame storm would have engulfed me. Phew!!! How about you? Have you had or witnessed an everyday-on-the-spot unshaming experience?