AST Model®’s External Agency in Action

Discover AST Model®’s powerful teachings that you can use with your clients. To illustrate the AST Model®’s External Agency in Action this video shows the neurobiological processes that are happening so you can make use of this with your clients.


AST Model®’s notion of External Agency has helped thousand of clients across the globe find empowerment. It is based on the concept that when overpowered in size, strength, or developmentally, an individual’s circuits of physical empowerment will fire in response to another or the collective who is empowered on the individual’s behalf.


In this example in the video the baby bear arches upward, throat opens, claws spring up, when and only when, it hears its mother’s roar.


We can’t make someone, at any age, feel empowered. For an individual to feel empowered their own empowerment circuits must fire in the brain and in the body that produce the feelings of confidence, power, strength, vitality challenge-friendliness, such that organic resilience in the ANS is harnessed to meet the challenge.  As mammals these circuits can be triggered to fire when someone’s empowerment circuits are firing on our own behalf or in a collective context.


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