Shame is at the core of many issues that are keeping your clients stuck.

How will your client sessions improve if you can identify shame and help your client move beyond the shame to experience the life-changing results they want to achieve with you?

On this page you will learn how to identify if your client is experiencing shame and have the opportunity to learn a technique to dissolve shame immediately.

With the AST Model® it’s possible for a Better Alliance to Emerge …

  • You will no longer be confused by client’s blame, shame, and lack of worth

  • Instead of professional burnout you’ll feel a deep sense of ease and satisfaction in resolving shame-based issues

  • You’ll be able to assess shame states and confidently facilitate clients toward worth and belonging

  • You’ll believe deep down in your clients’ ability to shift shame and you’ll be able to bring the change they want to see in themselves out into the world.

  • Your work will have more meaning and a sense of making a difference as you’ll be able to help navigate your clients through difficult sessions and watch them experience positive outcomes in their lives.

The inability to recognize shame is widespread in those who suffer its consequences and the professionals who serve them. This is due to the hidden nature of shame that lies at the basis of core issues such as life purpose, relationship, sex, money, self-care, greater embodiment, etc.

No fault of anyone’s shame comes with a ready-made dilemma: shame and its debilitating effects are so widespread and yet so elusive to recognize and shift…

That is until now.

A Life-Changing Approach, A More Satisfying Alliance

An effective and truly accurate understanding of shame has been missing. The Alchemy of Shame Transformation – AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution® offers the missing piece to those who suffer from shame and its manifestations of underbeing, inner conflict, chronic lack of self-worth etc.

AST Model® understands how shame works. How it acts as a glue, through neuro-signaling, that keeps good people and those who attempt to help them stuck.

AST Model® harnesses cutting-edge neuroscience combined with the latest findings in many fields, including resiliency-building principles to offer a one-of-a-kind non-medical/non-psychological approach to individuals, therapists, coaches, counselors, facilitators and community leaders.

Based upon 14 powerful paradigm shifts, ­­AST Model® integrates the easily missing alternative insights and skills with those of already honed traditional practices of therapists, counselors and healing professionals.

How does one recognize if shame is hindering your client’s progress?

There are body signals, beliefs indentifiers and behaviors that can point to shame lurking on or beneath the surface.

AST Model®️’s Top 5 Somatic Signals of Shame

  • Flat face
  • Inability of eyes to meet a gaze
  • Interpersonal interaction is or becomes excruciating
  • Loss of energy or muscle tone or both
  • Absence of feeling, sensation, or a kind of confusion or numbness

AST Model®️’s Top 5 Behavior-Based Signals of Shame

  • Only momentary expression of Anger, Grief, Blame, Hopeless and then the emotion truly vanishes as if it didn’t occur.
  • Actions that are illogical or contradict a person’s education, experience, values, life view in a serious or ongoing way.
  • Ongoing ways of accommodating other people’s needs, wants, or realities at the sacrifice of one’s own.
  • Difficulty in expressing compassion especially for one’s self & needs of any kind are prone to be dismissed or scorned.
  • The ongoing expression of shame, blame, contempt, criticism, judgement and self-consciousness of self or others secretly or openly.    

AST Model®️’s Top 5 Belief-Based Signals of Shame

  • “I can’t.”
  • “It’s impossible.”
  • “I’m stuck. I’m frozen.”
  • “I’m a failure. Something is wrong with me. This can’t change. Its who I am.”
  • “Other people get to have what they want. But not me. For its different.”
  • “Nothing Works. No matter what. Trying only makes it worse.”

AST Model®️’s Rainstick Technique

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The AST Model®’s Rainstick Technique was developed by Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia, MA, SEP, Author of Alchemy of Shame Transformation for Therapists & Healing Professionals and Developer of the gold standard in the field of somatic shame work, AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution®, as a simple and highly effective way to balance the autonomic nervous system. It works by partnering with your clients’ autonomic nervous system and will achieve its desired effects with 60 to 90 seconds.

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