Accelerated Learning Day: AST Model®’s

3 Hidden Keys to Shame Resolution

3 month access to event video, Online through Streaming, Live seats only 25 left  

  • Shift Your Practice From Stuck to Deep Satisfaction with 3 Hidden Keys

  • Leave the Shame Equation Behind

  • Go home with practical ways to transform your clients’ shame codes

  • Discover how you can add neuroscience and nervous system logic to your skills for gentle yet powerful outcomes

Are you a Psychotherapist, Counselor, Social Worker, Mental Health Counselor, MFT, Spiritual Counselor, Energy Medicine Healer, Life Coach, Educator, Addiction Specialist, Somatic Practitioner, Alternative Therapist or Healing and Helping professional who wants to have proven, go to techniques in their “tool kit” of experiential exercises that produce immediate relief and results to your clients? 

Then this Full Day of Theory and Skill Building is for you!

On this day you will

Discover 3 Hidden Keys to resolving shame:

  • nervous system logic

  • body-based language

  • relational attunement

And go home with practical ways to transform your clients’ shame codes and free up their worth, acceptance, empowerment and belonging that lie in wait of your new skills!

Spend a Day with AST Model® Developer, Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia, MA, SEP, Author of Alchemy of Shame Transformation® for Client’s and Healing Professionals and unlock the doors to greater satisfaction, joy and ease in your work through paradigm shift learning, live demos and embodied exercises. Learn 3 AST Model® Keys to Shame Resolution, take an insider’s look at the Neurobiology of Shame and glean the highlights of Stephen Porges’ revolutionary PolyVagal Theory.


Gain access to cutting edge and practical complimentary charts and embodied tools for professionals HERE

The Details:


The Date: September 23rd 2017

The Time: 10am to 4pm with lite snacks at 12:30

Location: Private Address 15 Minutes Outside of Downtown Silver Spring, Laurel, MD 20707

The People: Only 30 Live spots are available.

Open to the Worldwide Community of Professionals through Live Streaming.

Optional Post-seminar dinner reception at 4.30pm with Caryn, vegetarian and gluten-free options available.

Where to stay: Contact for hotels in the area.

“Beautiful, powerful work!” R.C., Berkeley, CA

“I am grateful. What AST Model offers has been a missing piece for me; it has been so helpful in my life and with my clients. Your passion about removing the despair and confusion surrounding shame, as well as creating tools/methods to bring clarity, awareness and healing is apparent, timely and obviously welcomed by the current healing professionals. So thank you Caryn!”

The Packages:

All Packages include 3 months access to the event video

Live only 30 seats


Live Seating PLUS Dinner Reception


Online Streaming


Sept 23rd participants receive $50 off Nov.3-5th LIVE 3 Day AST MODEL Level 1 training in Alexandria VA.

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