The Alchemy of Shame Transformation® E-Book


A Therapist’s and Healing Professional’s Guide to the 10 point AST Model® Milestone approach to transforming shame and cultivating self- acceptance, connection, worth and belonging.



Shame does not heal like a cut forming a scab. The halting of shame cycles and their damaging effects requires a transformational process that takes into account the body, mind and spirit of an individual in an alchemic process of essence emerging from a shame wound.

Cognitive-centered and body-oriented approaches leave the shame work unfinished or the transformation half-baked. The dilemma that these incomplete approaches create for the client cannot be underestimated. New behaviors compete with the half-processed, naked shame wound. The authentic self finds itself in a new bind stuck straddling two worlds with one foot still in the shame corner and the other outside the shame box unable to move forward.

The Alchemy of Shame Transformation, AST Model® combines neuro-physiological, behavioral, cognitive, somatic and spiritual methods into one model through a 10 point Milestone approach. It gives therapists’ a road map to understanding the many aspects of shame from its neuro-biological and social functioning, to the creation of early shame cycles through mis-attuned attachment needs, to the formation of chronic shame identities and catch 22 looping. It identifies critical resources for navigating through client sessions as well as underscores important interventions and pitfalls.

AST Model® focuses on cultivating that which most shame survivors need more of: connection, empowerment, acceptance, worth and belonging. More than a cookie-cutter approach, it offers guideposts for shame transformation that can be integrated into a successful client rapport that is already underway. It is an adaptable, synergy-based, breakthrough model for creating an authentic shame-free life!


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