AST Model for SEPs ® Online Course, Module A – For Educational Auditing Purposes


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Specialty Curriculum

AST Model® for SEPS 3 Semester Online Intensive Course
Highly-focused learning when the SE and AST Model®’s are combined for greater client outcomes.


Caryn Scotto d'LuziaI developed the AST Model® as a non-medical/non-psychological approach that can be immediately useful to working professionals. I have brought together the concepts of SE and AST Model® to harness our human UNshaming resiliency and capacity and create more effective client outcomes for SE professionals and the clients they serve. This 3 semester online course responds to the need for skill-building that has been expressed to me by SE professionals all over the world after participating in webinars, live training’s, intros and a mini 5 week course on the intersection of shame and trauma. Please Note: This educational version for auditing purposes is available for Module A only. The full course will be available to listen and view at one’s own pace with CE credit in the fall of 2018. Since this product is not available in my store, it is available to you for a very limited time.


I believe this intersection of shame and trauma is linchpin work for shifting core, early patterns that can transform lives, and this course is groundbreaking in what it can make possible for you on an everyday basis. If you are serious about shifting shame cycles and lifting the shroud of limitation for yourself and others, this is course is a must!

Course Description

Like trauma, specific skills are required to make it possible to fully resolve shame and end the redundant neuro-chemical looping of shame cycles. Yet, shame’s resolution has often been misunderstood by most models including somatic-based approaches. This online course will introduce SEPs to why the complex nature of shame sometimes makes its resolution elusive, and how through the AST Model®’s unique neuro-biological approach offers SEPs missing tools that can create sustainable and deeply gratifying shame relief and life-affirming shifts that transform lives.


AST Model®’s inspiring lens is designed to address working with shame’s challenges and clients with whom nothing seems to work. Participants will have the opportunity to learn to apply familiar SE concepts such as collapse, titration, orienting, protective defenses and uncoupling dynamics differently than in SE shock trauma sessions while discovering the unique qualities needed to meet clients in their shame state so they can know a life of worth, acceptance, empowerment and belonging.

Just some of what you will have the opportunity to learn in Module A:

    • Working effectively with collapsed motor programs


    • Creating safety, attunement & introception inside the completion of protective defenses


    • Recognize the difference between defensive orienting vs exploratory orienting


    • Discover developmental shame and early trauma’s link to defenses


    • Apply the neurobiology of shame with clients in functional freeze and impulse over-ride


    • And much, much more!


​Please Note: Due to violations of privacy that have emerged online, we do our best to protect the privacy of the people who volunteered for demos, participate during videoed classes and who have the courage to ask questions. For this reason, you are purchasing access to viewing the demo and course audio for the time period stated. This purchase does not allow you to download any part of the class, including demo, audio or course material. AST Model teachings, and all its content is protected by trademark and copyright and prohibits the copying, duplicating, screen-grabbing, editing, re-presentation or posted in part or whole in any way format. By purchasing access to this audio course you agree to use it for educational purposes only and to keep your individual password private for use as intended on the password protected access page. Please refrain from posting comments about someone’s demo. Comments about demo work can be made in a generalized manner. Thank you for your support in my bringing work online with the respect and dignity it and the people involved deserve!



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