The Complete AST Model® Learning & Listening Package

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Tools to Facilitate Powerful Shifts in Underbeing, Inner Conflict & Shame Triggers

Read, Listen, Learn, Integrate and Facilitate Shame Transformation for only $100! until April 15th. Includes AST ebook, 4 audio webinars, 4 powerful processes, 7 Stepping Stones, and 10 Worth empowering affirmations!

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The Alchemy of Shame Transformation E-Book
The eye-opening ebook that is giving professionals around the world a brand new education for understanding how shame works!

The Essential AST Model Audio Webinar Package
Packed with paradigm shifts, ground-breaking concepts and packed with immediately practical tools for resolving shame and building resilience!

14 Paradigm Shifts: Why AST Model Moves Core Stuckness Forward 
This is a single breakthough webinar. You will never think the same way about shame again!

4 Powerful AST Model Guided Guided Shame Resolving Processes
These guided processes have helped people all over the world resolve shame and build resilience. 7 Stepping Stones to Befriending Self-Worth Guided recording that when listened to before sleep allows our conscious and semi-conscious self permission to traverse the landscape of wholeness.

10 Worth Empowering Affirmations
Affirmations for chronic shame survivors to listen to when needed to cultivate greater worth, acceptance, empowerment and belonging.


The eye-opening framework that is giving professionals around the world a brand new education for understanding and working with resolving shame.

Thank you for a lovely webinar and many useful information about the shame. A lot of new paths are open.” E.K., Serbia

“Thank you Caryn for your excellent webinar. I found it very informative and affirming.” K.O., Canada

“Your teaching is clear and compassionate, and I learned so much to be able to apply to my area of work. Thank you many times.” K.M., HI

“Great presentation on Shame! I really like the depth of your experience working with those who experience shame.” T.J.K.

“I so enjoyed your webinar. Your framework a real benefit to me.” M.T.


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