The Yin/Yang of Abandonment Recovery PDF


An Effective Approach for Healing the Acute Stages of Abandonment.

Available in PDF format.



When someone is immersed in total abandonment overwhelm and delivered to the very epicenter of his or her wounding, the experience can be so intensely fragmenting, making it difficult for a person to function on a routine, day to day basis.

This approach forms a strong basis over a period of the first few months for expanding a client’s ability to cope with the onslaught of abandonment; it builds more confidence and less fear around facing the process of fragmentation, and provides a set of tools for experiencing integrated relief and healing when faced with the yang of intimacy rupture.

The Yin/Yang of Abandonment Recovery provides therapists and healer guides with the ability to sculpt a faster, safer, less harrowing and more stable journey for clients through this natural life-shattering experience than offered by mainstream approaches. It is uniquely developed to address the most acute stages of relationship rupture when clients are at their most vulnerable and need to continue to function in life.


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