AST Model® Sessions

Transformative Shifts are possible through The AST Model®

Body–Attuned and Resilience-based shifts can be powerful, effective yet gentle…

Individual Somatic TherapyThe ability to feel embodied and truly connected to oneself in a positive way and others is often missing as a result of chronic shaming, deep feelings of inadequacy or stressful life events, and for long stretches throughout childhood where important needs go unmet, and overall safety and emotional responses are not present. The premise of AST Model® is that by using nervous system logic to unlock stuck autonomic nervous system responses of shame and freeze states it’s possible to expand your ability to be in touch and in tune with your sensory body in the here and now, and to access the deep core empowerment that lies untapped within you. Together it’s possible for us to discover your unique, innate body/mind/spirit impulses that lie in waiting to right you back to wholeness. have the opportunity to experience more resilience in the face of life’s challenges. The process of your sessions is designed to build upon itself in the same way a disbanded orchestra remembers its music when it becomes re-united. Overall, it’s possible for you to experience more vibrancy and a greater capacity to succeed at the larger shifts you desire in life, be they physical, mental or emotional. While it is impossible to guarantee, I’ve observed that the results from these sessions can range from practical to life-changing!

AST Model Sessions are integrative and nervous system-based held by Skype or in-person in NYC or CA. Words are shared to accompany breath, posture, sensations, images, emotions, heart rate, temperature shifts, but are not used to follow a conscious narrative. Typically, shame’s hidden impulses, thwarted expression and unconscious nervous system inhibitions or defenses settle finding a healthier form of vulnerability and a missing sense of authentic acceptance. The process unfolds at your own tempo and pace without being pushed, prodded or made to feel like you were overexposed. Life’s energy can return, physical discomfort may subside, nerves can reawaken or calm, and it’s possible for new meanings, stories, attitudes and feelings to emerge. You have the potential to experience yourself, others, and life in a new and more whole and empowered way.

Single sessions are UNLOCKING sessions with the focus on moving your autonomic nervous system out of its STUCK range. Although symptom relief may come about, the newly UNLOCKED system left on its own can become confused by the re-introduced logic it has forgotten, in the same way a re-united orchestra must rehearse again. For this reason, best results may occur when the UNLOCKing session is followed by a series of sessions so that the new responses and nervous system logic can become familiar and can re-establish itself.

Potential Session Series Benefits

  • Develop more secure and fulfilling relationships guided by your body’s here-and-now wisdom
  • Restore nervous system function and the accompanying places where you are stuck in life
  • Restore resiliency and wholeness to your mind, body and spirit
  • Stabilize your nervous system and build the capacity to cope with stress, challenges, difficult emotions
  • Enjoy greater ease and fulfillment within yourself and in the world
  • Reclaim your inner peace and true potential

Transformative AST Model® Sessions are intended to support relief from shame, its  nervous system imbalances, and its neuro-conditioned responses!