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Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia, MA, SEP
Developer of AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution®
Author of Alchemy of Shame Transformation

Training for Healers

Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia is an innovative developer of holistically-based models. As a somatic facilitator she transforms, educates, and trains professionals around the world in paradigm-shift, life-affirming approaches to human development and growth. Author of Alchemy of Shame Transformation for Therapists and Healing Professionals, Caryn is a pioneer and thought leader in the field of shame resolution. She has developed what is fast becoming the gold standard approach to shame resolution: AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution®.

AST Model® is based on 14 paradigm shifts and is the only model in its field that facilitates life-affirming shifts in chronic shame survivors. Both neurobiologically-principled and neuro-relational-based, AST Model® specializes in chronic shame relief, building shame and inner critic resilience, resolving shame-based early trauma, and fostering life-affirming, authentic self-expression and empowerment.

In addition to her worldwide bestselling ebook, highly sought after and deemed indispensable by professionals in every corner of the globe, Alchemy of Shame Transformation for Therapists and Healing Professionals, Caryn is author of various articles and ebooks including, The Yin/Yang of Abandonment Recovery, and Wound & Essence: A Call and Response Approach to Transformation, and Detaching from Shame as a Practice for Greater Compassion and Peace.

Caryn’s blog Inside Shame Transformation offers highly sought tips to professionals for applying the AST Model®’s breakthrough shame-resolving principles. She trains therapists, somatic practitioners, healers, life coaches, and community leaders in how to facilitate shame resolution, and through her online programs, work with the United Nations, and FB presence, Caryn leads the (SFLM) or shame-free living movement worldwide.

Caryn works face to face with people around the world on Skype, and in-person in the California Bay Area and New York City where she sees adult clients. She offers professional phone case consults to therapists, healers, and coaches as well as teaches shame resolving and neurobiological principles through webinars, online courses and live trainings. On a wider scale, Caryn collaborates with UN-affiliated NGOs and Governments to heal collective trauma and post-conflict, shame-based PTSD. She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a member of the UN NGO Committee on Mental Health, presenter for USABP, Post-Advanced Trainer for the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, and speaker at the United Nations on the issue of resolving shame in women and girls around the world. Caryn seeks to cultivate greater world peace, acceptance, worth, empowerment and belonging by making shame resolution available to those who need it in every corner of the globe.


AST Model®’s Work with British Clients

The Interplay between Cognitive and Somatic Realities

by Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia, MA, SEP, AST Model Developer

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Hidden Nature of Shame and AST Model's 14 Paradigm Shifts of Shame Resolution

by Caryn Scotto d'Luzia

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