Here is what some individuals have to say:


“Over the last few months I have worked with Caryn on shame. Her AST Model method is highly effective, very empowering, and Caryn is a joy to work with. I am a different person. If you are a mental health professional I recommend Caryn’s AST Model of Shame Workshop to learn how to apply this method with your clients. It changes lives.”
–Rob Gussenhoven, SEP Former Board Chair
and Interim Executive Director of the SE® Trauma Institute


“I am thrilled the AST Model is going out in wider and wider circles. With this work, a chunky missing piece of body wisdom is snapping into place. I have been using “naval intelligence” regularly with the teens I work with and it is helping them so much! Really, really life changing.”
–Linda E. Erman, MPS, LCAT, SEP


“I found the AST Model work excellent. I am in the SE track and hope to take the 3-Day AST Model training upon my completion of Adv II. The AST Model provides helpful concepts as I work with my own and clients shame cycles. Caryn, keep up your awesome work!”


“I am grateful. What AST Model offers has been a missing piece for me; it has been so helpful in my life and with my clients. Your passion about removing the despair and confusion surrounding shame, as well as creating tools/methods to bring clarity, awareness and healing is apparent, timely and obviously welcomed by the current healing professionals. So thank you Caryn!”


“I received a session with Caryn to address ongoing issues that appeared after a high-impact car accident 2&1/2 years before. Her work was able to guide me through what was driving my symptoms. She had the ability to address my feelings of fear and helplessness in a way that felt safe and relieving.”
–Anonymous, OH


“Caryn’s consult offered me tools to assess my client’s vulnerabilities and to engage their well being. I will use this information in my work as a health and wellness educator.”
–Sara E., LCSW and Professor of Graduate Social Work, N.J.


“Thank you so Caryn much for your healing energy and for sharing with me those special moments right after my surgery. I really appreciate your work and your knowledge.”
–Vivian Freideles, Native Artists of the Americans Director, Lima, Peru


“Having Caryn’s professional guidance helped me through some very rough, deep relationship issues. The work we did gave me the hope and confidence to carry on!”
–Anonymous, Germany


“Caryn is an attuned guide. In my sessions with her I felt well contained, well paced and I especially appreciated her willingness to follow the responses of my body. I felt safe and welcomed at different depths of my experience on many levels, somatic, emotional and mental.”
–F. C., Somatic Therapist, Argentina


“As a coach, I found Caryn’s ability to use her somatic knowledge to guide transformation exciting and memorable. I would consult with her again in a heartbeat.”
–Daniel, Coach, Toronto, Canada


“Caryn has a depth of compassion and keen perception from which she offers guidance through different realms of consciousness. No one else better for working with near death experiences.”
–Teri, Therapist, HI


“Caryn is a wonderful teacher, knowledgeable, organized and very interesting. This learning will so help me in the future as an acupuncturist and in my life. The way she looks at healing is groundbreaking and insightful. I got so much from my consult time with her.”
–Brittany Finnegan, Acupuncture student, Brooklyn, NY


“Caryn provided extremely effective facilitation in a very charged, life-threatening situation. I am not sure someone else could do the same. I am appreciative of her professional knowledge and empathy!”
–M.M., Berkeley, CA


“Since Caryn taught me these simple but effective methods of relaxation I always hug myself tighter now when I am feeling stressed or low and it makes me feel valued. I sometimes use the slinky Caryn gave me to relieve my stress. I was so happy to come to the US and to be taught by Caryn.”
–Ezabir Ali, Community Mental Health Leader, Kashmir


“What a wonderful, accessible technique.  I will call on this in many situations!  Thank you!”
–Karen Romesburg, LCSW


“It was a nice invitation watching your Demo without tone or without view.
Interesting how this sharpened my attention, what is going on.
Caryn, you were pacing where the client wanted to go, so that the trust could grow,no forcing and pressure. To get the NOW moment and then being with this- that was wonderful to see.
So as a therapist we have to watch ourselves also, what am I doing.
 there was a flow between you both and also the contact with yourself.
Also you taking on board the joy – that was a big relief and new experience for her.
what is going on is so important.”
-D.F, SEP, Germany, ASTModelforSEPs Participant



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