Thank You – AST Model® Shame Distortions Chart

Caryn Scotto d' LuziaWelcome,

I cannot express how glad I am that you are interested in helping to transform shame. By learning about AST Model® and its 14 Paradigm Shifts for Moving Core Stuckness Forward, you are learning about a movement as well as the gold standard model in shame resolution that transforms lives by helping people experience themselves differently.AST Model® Shame Distortions Chart.

If you would like to continue on this inspiring journey of exploring how to gently but effectively shift shame responses in yourself and others to cultivate greater worth, empowerment, acceptance, and belonging, then download my complimentary AST Model® Shame Distortions Chart.
This PDF is a stand alone gem that you can print out to help you, your clients, and your loved ones, recognize shaming behaviors in your daily lives. Remember, awareness is the first step to changing behaviors in our lives, society and the world on our road to replacing them with age-proper boundaries, authentic accountability, and healthy limit setting.

Click here to download the AST Model® Shame Distortions Chart.

You might want to listen to the studio recorded 14 Paradigm Shifts of AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution® Audio Recording, normally $19.99 only $11.99 in this promotion. It will allow you to learn about each paradigm shifts in more depth with greater context, and you can review this MP3 file at your leisure as often as you like.

If you are ready and eager to absorb more of what AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution® has to offer, you might want to take advantage of this incredible summer special: The Complete AST Model® Listen & Learn Package: Tools to Facilitate Powerful Shifts in Underbeing, Inner Conflict & Shame Triggers, only $100 until August 15th.

Short of attending a live 3 Day AST Model® Professional Training or embarking on a series of professional AST Model ® sessions with Caryn, this learning will add powerful and inspiring AST Model®  breakthroughs to your work and professional home library. This one package includes all of the following:

Alchemy of Shame Transformation E-Book
The eye-opening ebook that is giving professionals around the world a brand new education for understanding how shame works!

The Essential AST Model Audio Webinar Package
Packed with ground-breaking concepts and immediately useable, practical tools for resolving shame and building resilience!

14 Paradigm Shifts: Why AST Model Moves Core Stuckness Forward 
This is a single breakthrough webinar. You will never think the same way about shame again!

4 Powerful AST Model Guided Guided Shame Resolving Processes
These guided processes have helped people all over the world resolve shame and build resilience.   7 Stepping Stones to Befriending Self-Worth Guided recording that when listened to before sleep allows our conscious and semi-conscious self-permission to traverse the landscape of wholeness.

10 Worth Empowering Affirmations
Affirmations for chronic shame survivors to listen to when needed to cultivate greater worth, acceptance and belonging.

It is my hope AST Model® offers you and those you touch greater peace, compassion, and empowerment!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at

Thank you for choosing to explore how you might help lift the shroud of shame, inauthentic living and conditioned inhibition. I appreciate your companionship on this path to enriched, enlivened, and integrated expression.

To the shame-free path calling you into authentic existence! 


Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia, MA , SEP
Author of Alchemy of Shame Transformation
Developer of AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution®
Founder of SOAR Global Institute


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