Stress & Trauma Resolution

…because everyday overwhelm, stress, and trauma are common in our ever-changing, fast-paced lives, and without a balanced nervous system, our bodies can easily go off track and stay that way.


…because using our mind to “think” our way back to health can be tricky without including the “logic” of the autonomic nervous system designed to support our bodies and minds to heal.

Somatic Coaching & Trainings

…because any successful trainer, therapist, coach, educator or healer will tell you: If you want to change human behavior for the long haul, you must work from the inside out and from the impulse up. It’s the secret to any transformation!

Natural Intellect of Body

…because humans are as much a part of nature as any tree, flower, or the earth itself, and without addressing our basic nature, the organic intelligence of our bodies, we often inhibit our fullest recovery.

Collective Trauma Healing

…because “finding” our way back to ourselves and our communities can be impossible without the support of a body that feels safe, peaceful and alive.


…because to restore a human to wholeness, spirit, mind, and body, the person needs the grounding of the body for the other parts to find a welcome embrace, a place to come home.

Life Energy

…because change is most sustainable when we harness our life force energy instead of sumoning energy to push through whatever is standing in the way.

Vibrancy & Resilience

…because providing a safe, embodied, and corrective way for clients to explore their core issues, healing builds upon itself and clients have more vibrancy and capacity to cope with life.

About the Author

Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia, MA, SEP, is an innovative developer of holistically-based models. As a somatic facilitator she transforms, educators, and trainers professional around the world in paradigm-shift, life-affirming approaches to human development and growth. Author of Alchemy of Shame Transformation for Therapists and Healing Professionals, Caryn is the developer of what is fast becoming the gold standard approach to shame resolution: AST Model of Holistic Shame Resolution®.

Inside Shame Transformation monthly blog published by Somatic Psychotherapy Today, Inside Shame Transformation offers highly sought tips and case studies to professionals for applying the AST Model’s breakthrough shame resolving principles. As post-advanced instructor with Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute Caryn trains therapists, somatic practitioners, healers, life coaches, and community leaders in how to facilitate shame resolution. Through her online programs, work with the United Nations, and FB presence, Caryn leads the (SFLM) or shame free living movement worldwide.