Holistic Shame Resolution in the UK


AST Model Shame Resolution & Resilience in the UK

Shift Shame Easily Through the Body

Learn How it Develops and How to Avoid Shaming While Setting Limits

Presentation & Training

Ingrid Stellmarker, Head of Luminac Foundation Based In London
Speaks about her experience after an AST Model Presentation

Join this Cutting-Edge Understanding of Shame & Its Nervous System Responses

Dec 2nd

  • community-wide MORNING PRESENTATION open to all
    (10am to Noon)

  • all professionally-focused AFTERNOON PROGRAM for clinicians who work one-on-one with clients
    (1pm to 4:30pm)

Dec 3rd for SEPs and Somatic Practitioners 

  • Highly focused small group learning (see details below)
    (Noon to 3pm)

AST Model’s MORNING Presentation

Discover How Developmental Shame Forms & How to Avoid It:

Open to the Public (10:00am to Noon)

  • Learn a simple tool to counter a shame attack

  • How to set limits without shaming

  • What allows old childhood toxic shame to shift 

  • Chat in person with Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia, MA, SEP, AST Model Developer, International Thought Leader & Shame Expert

  • Go home with practical ways to transform your lives, those of your children, your students, co-worker’s, employee’s, communities, clients and beyond.

  • Free up greater worth, acceptance, empowerment and belonging in your life and those around you!



Open to all client based professionals
(10:00am to Noon)

  • Watch AST Model shame shifting principle and techniques applied in a LIVE session  

  • Learn highly effective shame-resolving principles to apply during client sessions 

  • Discover what pitfalls to avoid when working with shame

  • Gain embodied tools to use with clients that allow core shame to shift 

Watch AST Model Developer help client shift from negative shame experience to positive experience

AST Model for SEPs

Dec 3rd (Noon to 3pm)
AST Model for SEPs
Specialty Curriculum

Part of Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute’s Advanced Learning Program

Open to SE Professionals& Somatic Practitioners

LIVE Presentation, Discussion & Demo

  • Watch AST Model shame shifting principles enhance SE skills in a LIVE session

  • Learn How to use Titration, Pendulation &  Orienting to avoid further dorsal vagal provocation when shame is present inhibiting SE work.

  • Discover what to avoid when SE interventions are inhibited by shame

  • Gain an understand of what is at play when shame and trauma intersect

Who Should Attend

SE Students, SEPS, Sensorimotor Practitioners, EMDR & Hakomi Facilitators, Brain Spotting Professionals, EFT Practitioners, Bodyworkers, & Energy Medicine Healers.

“Beautiful, powerful work!”

R.C., Berkeley, CA

“I am grateful. What AST Model offers has been a missing piece for me; it has been so helpful in my life and with my clients. Your passion about removing the despair and confusion surrounding shame, as well as creating tools/methods to bring clarity, awareness and healing is apparent, timely and obviously welcomed by the current healing professionals. So thank you Caryn!”



Public Morning Program

(Dec 2nd 10am – Noon)

$47 (approx £35)

Morning + Afternoon

(Dec 2nd – 10am – 4:30pm)

$145 (approx £100)

AST Model for SEPs

(Dec 3rd Noon – 3pm)

$101 (approx £75)


AST Model®’s Work with British Clients

The Interplay between Cognitive and Somatic Realities

by Caryn Scotto d’ Luzia, MA, SEP, AST Model Developer


Download article by clicking HERE

Hidden Nature of Shame and AST Model's 14 Paradigm Shifts of Shame Resolution

by Caryn Scotto d'Luzia

Hidden Nature of Shame and AST Model's 14 Paradigm Shifts of Shame Resolution - Part Two

by Caryn Scotto d'Luzia