My Year of Unshaming


Make 2017 a life-changing year with 24 Skype Sessions with Caryn

(2) 75 minute AST Model sessions per month with me via Skype to keep you on track all year. 

Can be used for personal work or client learning when purchased and booked by Feb 15th.

There is nothing like receiving the work and knowing how AST Model shame shifting feels and lives in your body. The more you clear out your shame, stuckness, freeze, or avoidance around life purpose, sex, prosperity, relationships, embodiment, presence, vitality, early trauma, current crisis, the more you can allow this to effortlessly unfold for your clients. Ending shame cycles, self-criticism and stuckness is worth it! Your work and life are worth it!

Contact me for a complimentary 15 minute skype session to discuss if 2017 is Your Year of Unshaming.