Ending Shame Cycles

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Ending shame cycles is worth the challenge. There is nothing more rewarding than watching clients bloom from a deeply authentic place, one they often have never known before. The incredible transformation is a gift we can help make available to our clients, and a very deep sense of satisfaction is the gift our clients give us.


In the video demo I am sharing with you today, I work with Penny for 35 minutes and during that time you can see her

-in her accommodating patterns and adaptive self,

-become re-oriented by the felt sense experience,

-find attunement & connection with self and me,

-physical motor coordination go from out of sync to in sync,

-experiences the weight of the dorsal break and its eventual slight lifting & a resulting intensity of emotion (sympathetic express),

-move through associative memory chain from negative experience to a “precious” memory,

-have her override contained so she experiences some mid-tone range of lightness and play,

-experience a organic shift in her neurobiology OUT of functional freeze,

-experience an authentic alive yet settled presence in her breath, heart rate, lungs, GI track, behind her eyes, facial muscles, neck, back and shoulder muscles, her throat and voice and the grounding of her feet,

-Orienting to the “public” or overall group on her own as a byproduct of the work with an expression of self-satisfaction,.

-Report to the class she felt like a “clear open channel” from her face down through her throat, into her midline and down into her stomach.


Immediately after the demo Penny is beaming and requests a photo with me to take home with her from the triumph of the experience

Post Demo Penny Reports on Sustainability of the 35 minute demo as time moves on

-2 weeks post demo Penny touched in with the class for an online call and reported she felt more ease, satisfaction and connectedness to her own experiences in her life. She still felt precious and saw the demo as a gift.

-6 weeks post demo she felt open, more ease and continued to feel less symptoms in her body around her work

-4 months post demo she is still experiencing the benefits of the 35 minutes of work we did still feeling connected to herself differently in a more positive way, with greater  inner and outer ease, less physical symptoms and moving more in the direction she has wanted her work to go while doing less pushing through her experiences of performance.

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